Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sins Become Merits

Many people have expressed puzzlement at the Rambam's ommision of the famous talmudic rule [Yoma 86b] that if one does teshuva out of love of Hashem all of his sins become merits [זדונות נעשות לו כזכיות]. 

I saw that one Jew claimed that this was alluded to by the Rambam [Teshuva 7/8]:

בעלי תשובה דרכן להיות שפלים וענוים ביותר אם חרפו אותן הכסילים במעשיהם הראשונים ואמרו להן אמש היית עושה כך וכך ואמש היית אומר כך וכך אל ירגישו להן אלא שומעין ושמחים ויודעין שזו זכות להם שכל זמן שהם בושים ממעשיהם שעברו ונכלמים מהן זכותם מרובה ומעלתם מתגדלת.

The manner of Baalei Teshuvah is to be very humble and modest.
If fools shame them because of their previous deeds, saying to them: "Yesterday, you would commit such and such [sins]. Yesterday, you would commit these and these [transgressions]," they will pay no attention to them. On the contrary, they will hear [this abuse] and rejoice, knowing that it is a merit for them. Whenever they are embarrassed for the deeds they committed and shamed because of them, their merit increases and their level is raised.

As for me - I REALLY don't think so. The Rambam is not referring to all of one's sins turning into merits through teshuva, just that it is a great merit to remain silent in the face of abuse. 

ושערי התירוצים לא ננעלו....