Thursday, May 11, 2017

Parshas Emor - A Different World

Shaaaloom sweeetest friends!!!

I am back home Baruch Hashem!! 

I stopped in Rome on my journey home and tried my best to fulfill the dictum "When in Rome do as the Romans do". "Buona giornata" ["Have a nice day"]. "Come va" ["How are you"].

I want to thank ALL of my beloved friends who made my trip so incredibly enjoyable. 

There are too many people to mention by name but you know who you are and my gratitude is eternal. 

A SPECIAL thank you to my most beloved friend Moshe Yehuda ben Pesha Dina and these words of Torah are dedicated in his zchus.

In Parshas Emor we read about the prohibition of Kohanim from coming into contact with a corpse. There is a Medrash that talks about how this law is eternal. That got me thinking. Of course one of the 13 Principals of Faith is that the Torah is eternal but how is this mitzva eternal?? One day we will live in a world where there will be no dead people. So how will these laws apply then?? 

The answer is a little to profound to put into English words - so I will instead say it in Italian!!

"Dio è imperscrutabile" - G-d is inscrutable. Let me explain. 

The reason we believe that 2 plus 2 is 4 is only because in our present reality 2 plus 2 is four. But Hashem can JUST AS EASILY have created a reality where 2 plus 2 is 5. [I wish in our reality a minus in the bank meant that you were as rich as Trump - sans the arrogance]. That cake tastes good and glass is not an enjoyable meal is only a product of our earth as we know it now. The fact the we think that having a leg amputated is bad and winning the lottery is good is only because we are wired to believe that. But we could just have easily been wired otherwise. How? Only Hashem knows. 

One day we will live in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REALITY. In the futuristic world - everything will change. Our "brain wiring" will change. Our perception of reality will change. REALITY will change. The Medrash says תורה חדשה מאתי תצא - The Torah will remain the same but be understood on a different level. 

So the whole parsha of become defiled by corpses will apply but in a different way than it does today. That applies to many different laws. 

This is a very important lesson for life. Just because we perceive our life situation in a certain way - doesn't mean that our perception is necessarily the correct one. Never confuse your perception with absolute reality. Just as in the future we will see reality differently, we have the capacity to take a different view of reality even today. Most of our emotional dysfunctions [we all have some] stem from our skewed perception that keeps us back from achieving our goals.

If you feel angry - change your way of seeing the situation! Sad - same thing. In a bad mood? Change it. Hashem can see things in a countless variety of ways and he gave us an amazing capacity to do the same [on our level]. 

May we always us our intellect and imagination to allow us to see life in bright happy colors and never get bogged down by the small stuff. 

With much love,