Tuesday, May 16, 2017

CURRRENT EVENTS - James Comey And Achilas Terumah

The world is shaking!!!

Trump fires FBI chief Comey!

Huuuge chakira: Why? Was it מצד that he was investigating Russia's involvement in the elections? Was it מצד his handling of the Hilary investigation? Or did "The Donald" just not like that a guy so much taller than him was working under him. Shorter people often feel inferior. 

MILLIONS OF WORDS will be wasted analyzing this - as if it will help anybody to talk about it. [Comey can talk about it with his therapist if he sees one. It might help him cope. But why do WE need to analyze it].  

Now for something that REALLY matters to us. 

An Eishes Kohen eats terumah. Does she eat as קנין כספו  or מצד עצמה? What are the nafka minahs??

A Bas Kohen eats terumah. Does she eat because she is ברשות אביה or מצד עצמה? Nafka minahs??

Hashem - ברוב רחמיו וחסדיו - allowed us to give DELICIOUS shiurim on both topics. 

The MOST current of events is whaat is happening on your local daf gemara. Yesterday's newspaper is already in the garbage and today's is on its way there....