Thursday, May 18, 2017

Live In The Present And You Will Live

לע"נ ידיד נפשי האהוב אלימלך פעלץ. 

The gemara says that if one has bread TODAY and worries about tomorrow then he is of small faith [Sotah 48]. What is he worrying about?? He has what he needs. Nobody needs food or money for tomorrow because it is IMPOSSIBLE to eat or spend money tomorrow when it is still today!! So what is the problem?? He has for now and all that exists is NOW.

Tomorrow?? When tomorrow is now then hopefully Hashem will take care of you NOW. But one may not worry ever!! If you need something that requires action - then take action and chill. If action is not called for - then do nothing and chill. 

Either way - 


Let us internalize this Chazal and wage an ALL OUT WAR against anxiety.