Sunday, May 7, 2017


Tonight I was at a dinner and the euphemisms were FLYIN'! 

"He is a devoted 'friend' of the kollel". 

"He is always 'there for us' in times of need".

"When things are slow he gets things 'accelerated'". 

"He always 'stands by our side'".

So many ways of saying that "he drops us heavy money". 

Sometimes I wish people would just speak straight.  

This applies to many other areas of life where people say things in code but mean something else.

Like [LI-HAVDIL] "Planned Parenthood" or "abortion" which are really about murdering innocent fetuses.

"Gay marriage" which is more correctly an abomination in G-d's eyes. 

Or 'blended families' which are really [sadly] 'broken families'. 

Or "she has issues" which can mean that she has been hospitalized in 4 different mental institutions [euphemistically known as "psychiatric facilities"]. 

Sometimes, the use of euphemisms is for the sake of added sensitivity. That is great. But other times it just masks the truth when it shouldn't.