Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Myth Of Self Sufficiency

People like to feel self sufficient. Nobody wants to feel needy. But what is the reality?

Think about it. You are reading this on your phone or computer. Do you know how to manufacture phones or computers? Probably not. So we need people to develop technology for us and then we hand over some cash and benefit from their work. 

Did you sew your clothing? I didn't think so. If you did - did you all plant the cotton? Or create the sewing machine? What about the table the machine sits on? Did you build it? Thanks G-d for carpenters. 

What about your glasses or contacts? Do you have the foggiest idea how to make glasses according to your prescription? Thank G-d that there are people who do. 

Your shoes? How pleasant would it be to walk directly on the rocky ground all the time? Whoa!! Thank you Hashem for shoemakers. They work so hard and all I have to do is fork over a few bucks and they are mine. I know a woman with HUNDREDS of pairs of shoes. She should be especially grateful. [Although since she has only two feet I don't know why she needs so many...]

What about your food? Did you plant it or manufacture it?

What about medical care. Imagine we had to spend our lives learning medicine so we could treat ourselves? Thank you Albert Einstein!! [I refer to the Medical School - not the person].

The list goes ON AND ON! When you think about it [which is the purpose of this post..], we are completely dependent on other people for almost everything. 

This should generate a great feeling of a] gratitude [to people and Hashem who enabled them and gave me the means to acquire what I have] b] joy c] HUMILITY. Imagine you were naked on a deserted island and had to create everything from scratch??!

So next time you see a schnorrer and feel condescending towards him because he is needy and you are not - REMEMBER, we are ALL needy. We ALL benefit from the fruits of the labors of others. Just some have enough money to pay for it while others weren't so blessed. 

Nu, the Rebbe's yahrtzeit is comin' up. Get up and dance!