Thursday, December 1, 2016


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Central Park In Snow - Thank G-d I lived on Central Park West in a warm apartment

The weather in Israel is presently freezing. Today there was a rainstorm and I was shivering away. Now I am in the comfort of my home and wanted to thank Hashem for something I often take for granted. 


Thank you Hashem for a warm, cozy home. How many times have I walked down the streets of Manhattan and seen people sleeping in cardboard boxes in the freezing winter. According to statistics, there are about 1.56 million homeless people in the US. 

If we would appreciate the fact that we have homes, we would be מלאים בשמחה - filled with joy and gratitude.

If we think of those who don't, we enhance our sensitivity, become less self centered. more empathetic and more G-dly. So this winter - let's all try to think of the less fortunate. 

And if we can help them in some way - even better.