Monday, December 12, 2016

Eating Terumah And Nedarim

לזכות ר' יצחק יונה בן חנה לברכה והלצחה בכל מעשי ידיו!!

The Tzlach [Beitza 19b] holds that eating Terumah is a mitzva [based on Pesachim 73a]. If that is so, then how can we understand the gemara in Nedarim [85a] that explains the mishna that teaches that if someone makes a neder that Kohanim and Leviim won't benefit from him, they are allowed to take his terumos and maasros because, explains Rava, it is like dirt to him [עיי"ש!]. Why do we have to explain that it is like dirt and they can therefore benefit? There is a much more simple explanation - it is a mitzva and every bubby knows that Rava says מצוות לאו ליהנות ניתנו  and most bubby's know the Rashba that this applies even where there is הנאת הגוף together with the הנאת מצוה? So say that the Kohanim can benefit because מצות לאו ליהנות ניתנו???

See the Doveiv Meisharim [1/49]. His teshuvos are SWEET!

[As an aside, this teshuva was written about the day of my father's bris - zol zein gezunt and shtark!!!].