Monday, December 5, 2016

Explaining The Madness

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The War In 'Nam

Continuing the thought from the recent post on the Civil War...

Think about the Vietnam War. 

Also mad! 

Do you think that all of the 2.7 million soldiers who served in the U.S. army and were sent to 'Nam really thought it was worth their while to risk life and limb in order that Communism not spread in Asia??

They had parents, families, girlfriends, wives, [some both...], jobs, friends etc. etc. that were far more important to them than the political structure in some country they probably never heard of until they were called to action??!!!

And they were killed and killed but they kept going. 58,148 were killed and 304,000 wounded and there are still 75,000 disabled veterans [you can meet a few of them at the corner of seventy second and broadway next to the Papaya store. Be kind and give them a dollar or three].

Is there an explanation to this madness??

[I am not saying that the US involvement was or wasn't justified. I am just saying that if the soldiers themselves were allowed to decide whether to go to war or not many of them would have chosen not to. As in all wars - soldiers wage battles they have no strong belief in and die for causes they couldn't care less about. That is the madness I wish to explain]. 

There is a Chazal that opens our eyes. We all heard of the great world war - the four kings against the five [Parshas Lech Lecha]. The first recorded war in world history. It would seem like an internal conflict between kings and their nations. Chazal help us understand otherwise.

"ויהי בימי אמרפל מלך שנער, ר' יהושע דסכנין בשם רבי לוי פתח (תהלים לז) חרב פתחו רשעים... חרבם תבא בלבם... חרב פתחו רשעים..., זה אמרפל וחביריו, להפיל עני ואביון זה לוט, לטבוח ישרי דרך זה אברהם, חרבם תבא בלבם, ויחלק עליהם לילה הוא ועבדיו ויכם".

The whole war was NOT about the four kings or the five. It was להפיל עני ואביון - to knock off the poor man - Lot. And לטבוח ישרי דרך - to slaughter those of a straight path - Avraham Avinu. 

Meaning, when we see a war, we have to know that it is part of a Divine scheme and only with Ruach Hakodesh can we know the hidden reasons. The whole big thing was "JUST" about an old Jewish guy and his nephew. WE know that he was not just any "old Jewish guy" but the very purpose of creation. אלה תולדות שמים וארץ בהבראם - "This is the history of the heaven and earth when they were created" and בהבראם can be scrambled to באברהם. All of heaven and earth were for Avraham [and his people] - and so are all wars. אין פורעניות באה לעולם אלא בשביל ישראל.

Rabbi Wein relates that he was once on an airplane with a woman who told him in anger that all of the world's problems are the fault of the Jews. He responded that she wasn't far off. It isn't our fault but it is certainly because of us. 

So that explains the insanity - it is Divinely ordained.

So when you see a war - know that there are BIG plans beneath the surface.