Sunday, December 11, 2016

Games And Toys

Little children are fixated on games and toys. Then they grow up and grow out of it. Right?

No - not at all.

People spend their lifetimes fixated on games. Sports are games. BILLIONS of people are immersed in these sports games. In the US it is baseball, basketball, hockey etc. while in Europe the main craze is soccer. Silly games but people go NUTS over them. 

Entertaiment is a form of games. In Modern Hebrew an actor is called a שחקן - a player. He is just playing. It isn't real. It is all made up. Yet, people spend countless hours watching and following TV and movies. 

A smartphone is a toy. Lots of games people play with their phones. People spend day and night playing with their phones. Wherever you go you see people with phones in hands screen-touching away.

A CAR is a type of toy. When we were little we enjoyed our matchbox cars but not we have the real deal. A car seves some very important purposes like getting us where we NEED to go. But we also go into our cars to go places that we really don't have to go to or at times where we SHOULDN'T go to. But "have keys - will travel". It's fun. And what is life if not about having fun.  

I want to say something radical.

Let's GROW OUT OF IT! Enough toys. Focus on your soul. Your soul is real, eternal and not a game or toy. If one needs an occasional game or toy in order to wind down or chill out - go for it. But let them not become the focus of our lives.