Friday, May 5, 2017

A Loser?

I often have a voice inside of me telling me that I am a failure. A loser. Maybe I should go on meds if I am hearing voices? But you know what I mean. Since I am not the only one, I will share strategies about how to defeat this voice. 

1] Who says I am a loser? Maybe this attitude is a distortion of the facts? WHO SAYS??? 

2] All human beings fail at certain things. I am no different. 

3] Let's say I am a loser??? SO WHAT!!! Why should that bother me?? I will tell you why it bothers me. BECAUSE I AM AN EGOMANIAC. I want to be the BEST at whatever I do. That is ego and that SMELLS. Drop it. Leave the ego for athletes and entertainers. You are a talmid of Moshe Rabbeinu. Get with the program. So you are a loser. A failure. OK. Let go of your ego and MOST of your problems will be solved.

4] Don't argue with the voice. Ignore stupidities.  

5] Hashem runs the world. If you had a small slice of Emunah you would realize that you stink at things because Hashem wants you to. As they say in AA - "Let go and let G-d."  

Much more to say. But I can't say it now. Try to apply my words to your own feelings of inadequacy and they might help.