Friday, May 5, 2017

Parshas Kedoshim - Fear Your Parents ... Always

This weeks dvar Torah is devoted to so many of my sweet friends who have made my trip so special.

Especially Rav Dovid Kram, Rav Moshe Gavriel Bernstein and R' Rafi Goodman. "Beloved friends" is an understatement. They should all be zoche to keep building their beautiful familes with their special wives [one a person - polygamy was outlawed a thousand plus years ago] and children with simcha, nachas, parnassa and good health. 

A miiiilllion dollar vort [from the sefer אור הכתוב]: The pasuk says איש אמו ואביו תיראו. A man must fear his mother and father. An איש is a man. A man who fulfilled the mitzva of leaving his parents and marrying על כן יעזוב איש את אביו ואמו ודבק באשתו. He is now clinging to his wife. He DOESN'T need his parents anymore. He is on his own. He ESPECIALLY doesn't need his mother for now he has his doting wife to make him his lukshen kugel, chicken soup and mother him and wife him.

So the pasuk says that when one is an איש, married and settled. אמו - first his mother. Now that he is clinging to his wife he must still have awe for his mother and also his father. 

A parent remains a parent even after we don't "need" them anymore. Even when we are independent. Now, very often, they need us. They don't want to be forgotten. 

So sweet friends!!!! REMEMBER YOUR PARENTS. Even when you are already BIG. It may be easier to honor them. It feels good. But to fear?? I am not afraid of them. They are getting older and more frail. I am getting HUUUGE. Big businessman. A "macher". A parent. I don't fear NOBODY. 

איש אמו ואביו תיראו.

Sweet shabbos beloved friends!!!