Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Miracle Of Chanukah And The State Of Israel

The Rambam writes that the greatness of the Chanukah miracle was that Jewish rulership was restored for over 200 hundred years. Now, many of these rulers were evil people - so what is the great yuntiff??

Many people cite this as a proof that even a sinful governement is a bracha as long as they are Jewish. This was also pointed out in an email that I received today from a beloved friend.  

Maybe this is a strong proof and it is cause for rejoicing and celebration. [I heard that in YU they said Hallel on Monday and not today like in Israel?? Is  there not an inyan of לא תתגודדו???:-)] 

Years back, I wrote this article on the Hasmonean Kindgom. 

I will quote one paragraph:

יש גם לציין מה שראיתי באיזהו מקומן, שיש משמעות אקטואלית לשמחת החנוכה שחוצה מימים ההם עד הזמן הזה. הרי נאמר בעבודה זרה [ח:] שעם ישראל מלך בבית שני יחד עם הרומאים, וכמה ממלכי ישראל הרשיעו עד מאד כגון הורדוס וינאי שהרגו חכמי ישראל [ועי' רמב"ם פיהמ"ש יומא א,ג], ובכל זאת חוגגים [לפי הרמב"ם] את חזרת המלכות לישראל, וד"ל. אבל בספר עולת יצחק [עמ' רמ] הביא מדברי הרמ"ע מפאנו ורבי צדוק הכהן [תקנת השבין אות ה] שאז שלטו חכמי התורה יחד עם המלכים הרשעים, וכתר תורה השלים לכתר מלכות עיי"ש וא"כ התורה אכן שלטה בכיפה.

One other point that I think is lost on many people. The fifth of Iyar was the day the Ben Gurion declared that they are establishing a State. But that really was not a miracle or as significant as what happened afterwards - the Arabs attacked and were engaged in a long bloody war of 9 months 3 weeks and two days. Winning that war - given the fact the we had never had an army before and were attacked on all sides by our enemies, was the real miracle and cause for celebration [besides the mourning over all the soldiers we lost]. Only then, on July 20th 1949, was the State really established.