Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Lehoros Nosson

Rav Nosson Geshtetner was one of the great geonim of our generation. He knew, according to his neighbor, the Steipler, EVERYTHING. 

His wrote about 70 sfarim and in addition to his tremendous vast knowledge, he was also a great posek and mechadesh. He also had a magical pen and wrote with tremendous clarity. I humbly attempt to be one of his דמשק's - דולה ומשקה מתורתו לאחרים. Today in honor of his yahrtzeit I gave shiur based on his sefer about the chiyuv of Avadim in Pru Urivu [something I know that people are thinking about!]. He offered a brilliant mehalech in a Tosfos in Chagiga and resolved huuuuge questions of the Avnei Miluim. You can listen to that shiur or countless others based on his Torah. Or you can learn his sfarim [which are available on-line for FREE].   

I was zocheh to be in his home and to meet him and treasure that. He was very sweet and gentle.