Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Running To And From Shul

לזכות ידיד נפשי ר' שמואל צבי בן ר' דוד עקיבא לברכה והצלחה בכל מעשי ידיו!! 

There is a mitzva to run to shul and it is forbidden to run away from shul [Shulchan Aruch 90/12 based on Brachos 6]. The Magen Avraham [90/26] says that it is also a  mitzva to run AWAY from shul when running to Beis Medrash and this cited by the Mishna Brura [90/43]. 

What would the halacha be if one wants to run away from shul to his house or elsewhere because he thinks he might go afterwards to the Beis Medrash [but isn't sure] so he wants to accelerate his return?

The Magen Avraham spoke about running from shul to the Beis Medrash to learn. What about other mitzvos besides learning. Is it permitted to run away from shul for them?

What about running home in order to learn there? Is it only permitted to run to a Beis Medrash or even to run home if he wants to learn at home? It is probably fine. 

Much more to discuss....:-)

[עפ"י דברי הגר"א גנחובסקי זצ"ל]