Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Tzitzis At Night

Lizchus my beloved friend Moshe Yehuda ben Pesha Dina!!

Lizchus Leah Esther Bas Frimet!!

Night is not the time to fulfill the mitzva of tzitzis [זבחים י"ח ושם נסמן לעוד מקומות]. If so - how come there is no איסור of בל תוסיף when we wear tzitzis at night? Maybe a new din that on must have special kavana not to fulfill the mitzva at night in order not to be עובר on בל תוסיף. Does anybody do that?

Not only that - on Yom Kippur we DAVKA wear a tallis at night [we just make the bracha while still daytime] and the Arizal says to sleep in your tzitzis [which explains why Dovid Hemelech was disturbed in the bathhouse that he wasn't doing any mitzvos but not at night in bed because at night he was wearing tzitzis], so we are intending to fulfill the mitzva of tzitzis at night. Why is there no בל תוסיף [such as for sitting in the succa after succos. The Rambam holds that it's בל תוסיף to wear tefillin at night. How is tzitzis different than tefillin]?