Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dan Li-kaf Zchus

I was having trouble with two contradictory passages from a certain gadol's [ztz"l] sefarim. So I emailed 3 Rabbonim to ask them to explain the passages and resolve the contradiction. 

One answered: סליחה - אני לא יודע להקליד. Sorry - don't know how to type. 

I thought that ODD, being that he has published probably over 50 sefarim and countless articles. Someone MUST be typing them up, so couldn't they type up his answer to me as well?

I want to be דן לכף זכות. Any ideas?? 

Another said: אין לי זמן. I have no time. Meaning - your question is not important enough for me to spend time on [or you are not important enough for me to give you a few minutes of my time]. Everybody has time. 24 hours in a day. We all prioritize what is important to us and how we will spend that time.

The third Rabbi offered a brief, albeit unsatisfying, answer. Nu - better than nothing. 

My takeaway lessons: 

1] Be melamed zchus. I am writing so that others can offer ideas for limmud zchus. 

2] When someone asks me a question, as people often do, that I answer.

But I am still stuck on those 2 passages....

וה' יאיר עינינו באור תורתו הקדושה!!!