Thursday, January 19, 2017

Why Was The Beis Hamikdash Destroyed?

I thank that my least popular posts are those that have to do with money.

Is he ANGRY?

How can he tell us what to do with our money?? I earned it and will spend it as I wish!!

Why can't I enjoy life and not have to accommodate myself to his Spartan requirements?!


First of all - anger is like Avodah Zara so I try to avoid it like I avoid the church down the block  [I am in Manhattan and they have GENTILES in this town who worship a HUMAN BEING who died and call him god. I call him dead]. It does pain me that so many people are suffering and their suffering could be alleviated if others cared more but anger is a harsh term and faulty middah. If I come across that way then I have to be more careful because that is the last thing I want to convey.

As far as telling people what to do with THEIR [is it?] money - everybody can do [and does - nobody is cancelling their vacation in the Bahamas or scaling down their 6 figure simcha because of something I wrote] as they wish with their money. But that doesn't mean that a moral voice shouldn't be heard. I am not on anyone's payroll so I am free to speak as I wish without worrying about repercussions. What is the worst that could happen? Someone will stop reading the blog? Great!! More time for Gemara-Rashi-Tosfos!! Somebody will give me mussar and tell me what I should say and shouldn't say? Great - I LOVE mussar. 

Enjoy life? EVERYBODY should enjoy every second of life. I am just not certain if one can only be happy if they spend lavishly.

And finally - this is a SHOCKER... [but only because people don't learn Yerushalmi but that is for another post] The Yerushalmi [Yoma 1/1] says that the Beis Hamikdash was destroyed because people LOVED money [and hated each other].

Again - the Beis Hamikdash was destroyed because of the fact that people LOVED money. 

Now where is that aveirah in the Taryag mitzvos?? It isn't and this gemara requires more analysis but I presented you with the words. 

So use your money but don't love it. Save your love for Hashem and people. For if one DOES love money then the other loves will be compromised.