Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Delayed Response

I recently read about a fascinating study. They discovered that the higher up one is on the corporate ladder, the longer it takes him to answer an email. To the extent that when the law enforcement authorities are trying to break into a crime group, they are able to determine who is who by measuring how long it takes for them to respond to emails. The longer it takes - the higher up they are.

They also determined that the level of people's empathy is commensurate to their status. The higher up they are - the less empathetic.  

In other words - power and status corrupt. 

To me these studies were a gold mine. They explain so much and so many people. I give us all a bracha that we should always remain humble and treat every person as if he were extremely important - because he is...

I have written a lot about this in the past and will not elaborate any more here.