Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wasted Energy

Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit, talks about being “plugged into” the past. If there was a situation in your life where you were hurt, abused, or left anything unfinished, you are prob- ably still carrying around that unfinished business. You are still plugged into that old event. That means a part of your energy is still back there, reliving and probably recreating the old event. 

I know this is tough to understand. But let’s use another example from Myss. Think of the energy you get each day as cash. You wake up in the morning with $500 available for the day. But you are still mad because your spouse said something mean to you last night. That’s going to cost you. You are spending $50 to keep that energy alive in you. And say you are still upset because a friend owes you money from five years ago. Now you are spending $100 to keep that memory alive. And let’s assume you were abused as a child. You are spending another $100 to keep that memory in you. You woke up with $500 to spend, but before you get out of bed you have spent half of it on old memories. When you try to attract something today, you won’t have all of your energy available to make it happen. When you get clear of the old events, hurts, memories and beliefs, you will have more energy to attract what you want now. And the more energy you have now, the more you will get.