Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump And The Holocaust

There was a big stir in the news that Trump mentioned the holocaust and didn't say that 6 million Jews were killed. His spokesman was quick to explain the omission. 

I would like to add a bit of perspective. Donald is just a really rich guy who used his money, fame and connections to get elected President. That is all. He is not a philosopher. He is not a theologian. He is not a historian. He is not a particularly sensitive person. He also wouldn't be classified as a deep thinker or spiritual person. He is just a guy who was given by Hashem loads and loads of money which he used to catapult himself to power.

That being the case I would like to make a suggestion for the next four years: Don't pay close attention to anything he says. It is not worth your time. The media will be dissecting every word and the media, by and large despises him, but we have better things to do with our time. 

Like Rashi. 

Dissect Rashi's.

HE was a very intelligent and spiritual man. 

We have many other texts. Analyze them. 

Don't waste your time on Donald. Politics is a big game. It is a like a cake that is filled with chocolate and also has chocolate layers. Chocolate inside and out. Politics is sheker inside and out. Whether you follow all the sheker or not won't change anything. So unless you are on the "throne of honor" [i.e. the washroom] it is a waste of time. And frankly - even in there one can probably find better things to read. 

One more note while on the topic: The President is privy to a lot of information to which we are not. People are AWFULLY quick to criticize without knowing all of the details and facts. That is a rule in public as well as private life. 

So I say: Cut the guy some slack.... 

To summarize: Don't trust politicians but don't be too quick to criticize either.