Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Speech Trump Didn't Make

He is a man of principal.

He will say anything provided that it offends someone. 

In all seriousness - this is what I wish he had said in his speech:

"My fellow Americans, immigrants, Mexicans, blacks, Women, Democrats, Hillary and Bill, Barrack and Michelle, my two ex-wives and others with whom I had relationships, everybody who voted against me and even those who are demonstrating violently at this very moment and of course Republicans, Independents, Communists and everybody else,

I would like to herald a new era. "The Era Of Repentance And Soul Searching". I am filled with flaws. I have made countless mistakes in my life. I have hurt people. I have run recklessly after more and more money and then gloat about how much I have. I have not always controlled my more base physical desires. The  list goes on and on. So I now proclaim, as President of the United States, that I am sorry. Deeply and profoundly sorry. I will spend the next four years trying to create better lives for all of our citizens and as much as possible for the rest of the world as well. I will try to eradicate evil and enhance good, both material and spiritual. As your leader, I will try to be a model of decency, civility, spirituality, love, warmth and happiness while at the same time being firm and powerful in my decisions and plans. This nation was founded on the principals of the Bible by very religious men and I will try to follow their lead. 

But I am a fallible human being. I will make mistakes. But when I do I will readily admit them, learn the lessons and try to continuously improve. I will pay careful attention to  the words of my critics so that I can learn from their criticism. Ultimately, it is G-d who is leading our country and the entire world so we must pray to Him to really MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. I am but His humble messenger who is not worthy of this elevated office. I hope that together we can achieve our goals, with persistence, patience, understanding, respect and much faith in the eternity of the human spirit and the active presence of G-d in our lives.

I thank you all and I love you all!!!"