Thursday, January 26, 2017

Limmud Zchus For Low Mechitzos - 30-40 Inches If There Is No Choice - Going Through The 12 Steps

On the West Side of Manhattan, where I usually stay when I am in the US, there are a number of shuls with REALLY low mechitzos. I don't daven in these shuls because I am an extremist, Ultra-Orthodox, fundamentalist, imperialist, Islamaphobic, homophobic, right wing settler living in the West Bank [I am also a recovering Miami Dolphins fan and going through the 12 steps to get past it], and seek out shuls where I only see people who are the SAME EXACT gender as myself [I am male even though, strangely, I can't fit into an envelope. I don't like to be called "mysogonistic" because I have no idea what that means other than Trump is always accused of being just that and I don't want to be Trump. And how can you accuse the guy of hating women when he is a Baal Tyveh par excellence with a proven track record of loving women?! Think about it - less than one percent of the female population demonstrated against him recently. That means that 10's of millions of American women didn't show up to these demonstrations. The news didn't report THAT. They only reported the minority who did come..... Ahhhhhh - the media. Twisted like a hanger].

HOWEVER! I like to be melamed zchus on my beloved brothers and sisters who DO choose to daven in these shuls. Here is a nice limmud zchus to remove them from the category of "mechitza-less praying" even though the mechitza is so low: