Sunday, April 9, 2017


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For fun I went to one of the sites that advertises Pesach programs and was met with the phrase "A program you love at a price you can afford". 

Then I went to see how affordable it is. OF COURSE I can afford it. But first I will either have to rob a bank or spend a few years running my own hedge fund or play shortstop for the Yankees.... [all three possibilities are remote:-)].

So instead I will be spending this Pesach in ISRAEL as the SCHOLAR IN RESIDENCE at the PROGRAM at the EHRMAN HOTEL at Hatzvi 9 in Givat Zeev. Pastoral view [see above]. Full room and board. Minyanim. Daf Yomi. Swimming pool [a mikva is a sort of a swimming pool]. Gourmet cooking [my wife has been cooking up a storm]. Golf [who is stopping me from taking out my clubs and hitting a ball into an imaginary hole], Shwekey [just a click away], a fully stocked sefarim library [BARUCH HASHEM] and much much more!!!!

Everyone is invited to visit!:-)

A sweet happy Pesach to all!!!!