Sunday, April 9, 2017


A note about reclining: 

There is a woundrous kashya that [almost] nobody asks about a kosher Sukkah.

How can a Sukkah that is 10 tfachim [30-40 inches] high be valid? It is clearly not fitting for anyone to live in?!!

The Pnei Menachem זי"ע [the previous Gerrer Rebbe ztz"l] explained that they used to eat while reclining and sleep while flat on the ground - so the Succah is sufficient for both and thus valid. 

What I don't understand is that the gemara says that for 7 days one's HOME is the Sukkah and one should do EVERYTHING there. How does that square [which is actually usully the shape of the Sukkah] with such a low structure??

The Rebbe Shlita once explained that today we don't get it because we are spoiled but in the old days it was really considered managable....

Food for thought as you recline:-).