Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Love Is A Verb

Love would fix the world. There would be no hungry or homeless people, everybody would have shelter and ample clothing. There would be no more war. There would be few divorces and broken homes. It would be a BEAUTIFUL WORLD. Think about it! How would the world look if people GENUINELY loved each other. Think about getting on a plane. NO MORE SECURITY CHECKS [this from a man who just spent 354 hours and 17 minutes on lines in order to get on an airplane. Not before they made me remove my kippah to make sure I wasn't hiding anything under there [they don't know what I sewed inside the kippah. AHHHH]. [They asked me if I have anything sharp. I assured them that I have something in my bag that is EXTREMELY sharp and potent. They asked to see it. I took out my Tshuvos Avnei Nezer. Hard to find sharper than that]. 

How do we achieve this state? If we don't feel love then how can we FORCE ourselves to feel it?

First we have to remember that it is not a minhag or suggested behavior - it is an absolute Torah obligation to love EVERYONE. 

Then we have to remember that love - according to the Ramam and many others - is a VERB. 

So it is doable. Perform loving acts and you become a loving person even if you feel nothing towards your beneficiaries. 

The feelings will follow.