Sunday, April 30, 2017

I Am A Millionaire!!!

I received an email from a dear reader informing me that the blog has reached one million hits. 

That is a tribute to all of the readers who faithfully visit [especially my mother who accounts for more than three quarters of those hits]. 

Over 99 percent of the readers prefer that I not know who they are and that they read and that is fine too.... If I wrote in order to receive feedback or recognition I would have stopped long ago. 

I am a high school dropout [but I have a GED so don't think that I am not an intellectual. I am so smart I did all of high school in a few hours, together with a roomful of descendents of Cham whose lives matters - especially if you are a sports fan] and never learned how to write so I apologize if my writing is not par up to. And my speling. I hope the profundity of the ideas makes up for my writing deficiencies. If my ideas are not profound and you come hoping that I will write something funny, that is fine too. I don't know how I am going to get a good portion in Olam Haba because I am such an am ha-aretz and lacking in so many areas but the gemara says that to bring someone sad to laughter is a ticket to the Good Place.

רבי ברוקא חוזאה הוה שכיח בשוקא דבי לפט [=רבי ברוקא היה מצוי בשוק של לפט],
הוה שכיח אליהו גביה [=פגש שם את אליהו הנביא].
אמר ליה, איכא בהאי שוקא בר עלמא דאתי? [=האם יש בשוק זה מי שהוא בן העולם הבא?]
אמר ליה: לא.
אדהכי והכי חזא לההוא גברא דהוה סיים מסאני אוכמי ולא רמי חוטא דתכלתא בגלימיה.
[=ראו איש שהלך בנעליים שחורות שלא כדרך היהודים, ושלא הטיל ציצית בטליתו]
אמר ליה [אליהו לרבי ברוקא]: האי בר עלמא דאתי הוא [=זה בן העולם הבא הוא].
אמר להו: מאי עובדייכו? [=שאל אותו, מה אתה עושה שזכית לעולם הבא?]
אמר ליה: אינשי בדוחי אנן, מבדחינן עציבי [=אמר לו, אני משמח אנשים עצובים].

Before agreeing to date me my wife asked the person who set us up if I have a sense of humor. He applied in the affirmative. She SHOULD have asked if I have a GOOD sense of humor and she might well have received another answer. But it is TOO LATE. Anyway - I tell her that she married me for my vast wealth [and may I add - movie star looks].

The basic objective of the blog is to increase knowledge of Torah and human nature, simcha, yiras shomayim and middos tovos.

The real Torah I want to give over is on YUTORAH where there are about 3,500 shiurim that Hashem has given me the honor of delivering. Please listen and "may my lips move in the grave...." [See Bechoros 31b].  

I do all of this with no income [as I have for years] and for that miracle, and for everything else, I thank my Prime Supporter and Helper. The Melech Malchei Hamelachim Hakadosh Baruch Hu. I have found the pasuk אל תבטחו בנדיבים בבן אדם שאין לו תשועה to be a major theme in my life along with ברוך הגבר אשר יבטח בה' והיה ה' מבטחו - The more bitachon we have, the more Hashem will be there for us [as the Sfas Emes teitches]. I cannot even begin to list all of His kindness to me every second of every day of my life. I LOVE you Hashem!!!

I also thank my wife who allows me to spend countless hours in front of the computer [being melamedes zchus that I am not watching] and my sweet children who will often not interrupt when I am in the middle of engaging in various spiritual pursuits [or just sleeping]. 

A special thanks to the sponsors of my digital library which is essential to my private and public learning.

I conclude with thanks to you all and brachos that our spiritual and emotional bond should deepen and that I should be able to give you whatever I can in any way.   

Bi-ahava rabba,