Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Root Of Pro-Abortionism

There are hundreds of millions of people who believe that abortion is moral act. How can this be? How do they know that the fetus is not a living human being? If you look at an ultrasound you will see a face, arms and legs etc. How can one determine that it is not yet a living being with the basic right not to be murdered?? Who is to say that their rights only begin after birth?

This is a heavy question but their are no absolute proofs either way. We Jews have a Divine mandate that it is forbidden as murder [although not as bad as killing someone after birth] but without that it is difficult to make an argument that it is absoluely 100 percent, not murder. 

On the other hand, it is impossible to prove that it is NOT murder. So at best it [putting aside for a moment that we know that it is forbidden from G-d] MIGHT BE MURDER and at the worst it is DEFINITELY MURDER [like I said - the fetus has a small body and it can't be pleasant to be crushed to death. I am sure one can watch gory videos of this on the internet].

So by golly - why would one perform an act that might be/is murder?? And for what?? Because it is not convenient to have this baby??

Why are so many people in favor of a women's right to kill her fetus?? What about the right of the fetus not to be killed?? Not to mention the moral problem of terminating a viable human life form. [By the way - Trump was asked if he ever paid for an abortion for a woman he impregnated and he declined to respond. My guess is that he was afraid to say no lest all of the women come forward telling the truth, thus making him look really bad. But it is clear to all that our President is no paragon of moral virtue and we just pray that Hashem steer him on the right course, regardless of his many moral failings].

The answer is one of the illnesses of our culture: Namely, we do what is comfortable for us even when it comes at the expense of others. The extreme is the murder of innocent fetuses [which the women herself helped create]. But on a more subtle level all of us live this way at times with regard to our spouses, neighbors and society in general. The examples abound but I will share just one.


Noisy conversations in public. Nobody wants to hear this person but s/he insists on having a really loud conversation on a bus, thus destroying eveyone elses peace and quiet. Why? Because he wants to talk. I often watch these people [there are millions and millions] and they clearly have NO IDEA what they are doing. They are so involved in their conversation they are oblivious to the dozens of people they are disturbing. 

There are many other examples. Certainly in marriage. How often couples step on each others toes because of this feeling that their needs must be met even at the expense of the pain or discomfort of their partner. One classic example is when one spouse wants physical intimacy and the other doesn't. In such instances it usually won't happen. But what about the suffering of the spouse who has no other outlet? What about his or her need for love and affection? No - the other partner is not in the "mood" so s/he must suffer depravation. [Of course there are instance when one is pressured into doing it which is also terrible. It should be performed with complete desire on both sides - if only the desire to please the spouse].   

There are so many example in life when people put their own comfort above all else and to be a great person it to constantly scrutinze how our actions impact others for better or for worse.