Wednesday, April 26, 2017

None Of The Above

This morning in shul the gabbai saw a new face [mine] so he asked me if I am kohen, levi or yisrael. I shook my head as he was asking as if to say that I am not a kohen or levi [partly because I am not]. So he understood that I am none of the above so he offered me hagbah. 

How can I be none of the above???

Anyway - the Magbiah gets schar ki-neged koolam [that is what the gemara in megilla means even though it says the Golel] so I took it.

I hope that the schar is that I can do many more mitzvos and not have to worry about the green stuff.

I never like to give myself brachos without sharing so I bless YOU that you should always have an overabundance of money so that you can focus on mitzvos and help fix the world.