Monday, April 10, 2017

Why Is this Galus Different? Where I Will Be Spending Pesach

Shaaalooom sweeetest friends!!!!

This dvar Torah should be a zchus for my dear friends, the Tzadikim R' Avromi and Michal Sommers who recently celebrated the birth of their baby daughter!!! May they have limitless nachas from her and all of their children and continue raising a holy family in good health and greater and greater prosperity!!!

It should also be a zchus for my dear friends HaRav [and Rabbanit] Yonatan Freedman Ra"m bi-yeshivat Har Etzion, Chatan teacher, IDF soldier, Ish Ha-chesed, Marbitz Torah and all around great guy.. May he and his Rabbanit continue spreading their holy light in Alon Shvut and have limitless bracha in all they do, beautiful Jewish children and success beyond their wildest dreams.

And a zchus for my holy friend Shaindy Chana bas Malka for a fulfillment of all the desires of her heart!!! 

And acharon acharon chaviv - my most beloved friend HaRav Moshe Gavriel Bernstein Shlita and his very special Rebbetzin Rochel Leah. May they have much nachas from Yisrael and see the speedy fulfillment of all of the wishes of their hearts li-tova!!! And, may Rav Moshe Gavriel develop into the massive Talmid Chochom he is on the road to becoming. 


Since this is chodesh nissan - the month of miracles, I would like to wish you all with a month [and beyond] of miracles. I want to thank Hashem for the miracle of my daughter Adina whose life was saved this year from a serious medical condition and she is now in full health [as I write this I am unsuccessfully trying to get her to go to sleep but BARUCH HASHEM she is not consenting].
And the miracle that I made it another year [Nissan is the first month according to the Torah] even though I didn't know how I would. But every year Hashem sends special surprises. This year was no exception. 


There is sooooo much to say about the hagada!! But I won't say it all because it would take countless lifetimes. Just one short vort...

The child asks - מה נשתנה הלילה הזה מכל הלילות? The "night" may be an allusion to the looooong daaaarrrrkkkk galus. Why is this galus sooooo much longer than the other galuyot?? There are four exiles, 1] Babylon [that is where Jews switch trains on the LIRR], 2] פרס מדי Persia/Media (the media puts us in a huge galus:-), 3] Greece [Israel gets whupped in the Olympics] and 4] Edom [that is the long dark one we presently find ourselves in]. Why is this one the longest??

The answer - הלילה הזה כולו מצה - The word matza means [in Aramiaic] to quarrel. The reason that this galus is soooooo long is because we are ALLLLLL machlokes! כוווולו מצה! We can't get along. Chasidim vs. Misnagdim, Chasidim vs. Chasidim, Misnagdim vs. Misnagdim, Modern vs. Charedi, Modern vs. Modern, Chardal vs. Chardal [for those who like mustard] and the list goes on and on. So many yeshivos split up into two because of machlokes. And shuls. And organizations. And what is the SADDEST is how many families are fractured. Kids who are at odds with parents, siblings who don't talk etc. etc. 

שלא אחד בלבד עמד עלינו לכלותנו

Only that we aren't echad, that we don't have unity, threatens to destroy us. 

Beloved friends!!! Let us end this dark galus. Let us open our hearts to each other. That is what the seder is about. We all come together, we talk and most importantly - WE EAT!!! We then connect around our faith in Hakadosh Baruch Hu!!!

May we all have a sweet delicious Pesach wherever we may be [I am on a Pesach program on Mars.The food is great but the atmosphere is terrible:-)]. 

Bi-ahava rabba,