Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My Utopia

When I was in 9th grade, the theme of my English class was Utopian [ideal, perfect] Societies. We were to read books about Utopias [or the cliff notes - why read a whole book when you can get the gist in a few short pages and spend the rest of your important time watching sports?!] and analyze them. 

I learned in a certain Yeshiva for a short time 26 years ago. Since then, they constantly send me mail asking for donations. They never forgot me [or any other former talmidim]. It is nice not to be forgotten....:-).

Here is my Utopia. A boy learns in Yeshiva and they never forget him. Not to ask him for money [which is a zchus to give] but to see how he is faring. Is his marriage going well? Would he like to chat with his Rabbeim for chizzuk and advice? How is business? What spiritual tests is he facing? Is he financially solvent or is he drowning in debt? Is there any way to help with anything? Does he need help finding a chavrusa? And of course every girl who went to Seminary gets the same treatment from her "Rabbeios". EVERY woman needs chizzuk because every woman has challenges. But how many are still remembered?? Not remembered because the yeshiva or seminary website says that they are but for real??

That is my Utopia. A world where a person is not forgotten because he or she no longer pays tuition and is not only remembered [by a computer] for their checkbook. 

In the meantime it is but a pipe-dream. But I hope that we can make it real.