Monday, June 20, 2016

4 Granted

Lets say that somoene offered you OWNERSHIP of Facebook. You would become one of the richest people on earth. All you had to do was SIGN YOUR NAME ON THE DOTTED LINE.

Would you do it? 

Who wouldn't?? [Rav Chaim Kniyevsky...]

Ah yes, but the person added one condition. 

It will cost you two ..... kidneys.

Would you do it?


So, RIGHT NOW you have something worth MORE than a 100 billion dollars.

Or how about this - you could OWN the NBA. One "small" condition - You have to hand over your two eyes. Would you do it?

So you have something worth MORE than every NBA team combined.

How come so many of don't walk around ALL DAY overcome with simcha???

Because.... we take things for granted and always want more.