Monday, June 27, 2016

She-hakol Bara Lichvodo

לרפואת חיה רייזל בת דינה ואיתן יהודה בן דבי ונועם בן לאה בתוך שח"י
ולזכות לאה אסתר בת פרימט לזרעא חייא וקיימא

The first of the sheva brachos is שהכל ברא לכבודו - Everything is for the honor of Hashem. The Rishonim worked very hard to try to figure out the connection between this bracha and marriage.

It is very challenging to have shalom bayis. So many contradictory feelings, desires, wishes and habits. What brings a couple together? שהכל ברא לכבודו. It is ALL about the will of HKB"H! 

Quarrels over!

That is also the idea of the chuppah. The couple needs something ABOVE THEM, something HIGHER in order to bind them together. 

[Based on the Lubavitcher Rebbe]

Note: In honor of the simcha we posted many new shiurim on marriage in drush and pilpul. שמעו ותחי נפשכם!:-)