Monday, June 27, 2016


Two nights ago I was waiting for my Gila's sheva brachos to start so I went to a local Beis Medrash. I was overcome with fatigue so I placed my head on the shtender and woke up about a half hour later [with a puddle of saliva on my pants...:-)]. Feeling like a new man [who needs to dry clean his pants], I happily walked to the sheva brachos.

Why didn't I sleep for a month or a year? Why didn't I sleep [chas vi-shalom] forever??

How is it that we sleep and when our body received what it needed [or our alarm sounds] we awaken??


חסד א-ל כל היום!!!

Let us stop taking it for granted....

ברוך אתה ה' המעביר שינה מעיני!!! - Hashem removes sleep from our eyes.

Why don't we dance when we say this bracha??

המחזיר נשמות לפגרים מתים - He returns neshamos to dead corpses.

We were PARTIALLY DEAD and now we are new, refreshed, living people. 

חסד א-ל כל היום!!