Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Go Get It!

This is an unpaid, unsolicited advertisement.

Nothing has changed my life and learning like the otzar hachochma program. I have [with Hashem's help] written countless articles, given countless shiurim and spent innumerable hours with this program. It is the best thing that happened to Yiddishkeit since klaf...

They are now have a CRAAAAZZZY sale and for a little bit over a thousand dollars [the price of taking the family to a Knicks game and dinner!] it can be YOURS. Forever.

Here is the link.  

I once again thank those who sponsored my otzar hachochma disc.

Rebbi Chaim Yehoshua Hakohen Austein
Rebbi Ephraim Abba Gervis
Rebbi Daniel Zweigbaum
Rebbi Anon of Yemen

And of course to my parents who sponsored my beis medrash [i.e. this computer and the ones that preceded it]. 

They are responsible for thousands of hours of Torah that thousands of people learn on a constant basis. They don't realize it but in Shomayim they are daily piling up tremendous merits [besides the mitzvos they constantly are involved with].