Monday, June 13, 2016

Why Is The Rodef Executed?

לזכות ידיד נפשי ר' דניאל צוייגבוים שליט"א אשתו וילדיו

A big principal in methodology. Sometimes there are two ways of understanding a halacha. This creates THREE possibilities. A] The first way is right. B] The second way is right. C] They are BOTH correct. D] Neither are right.

Example: Why do we kill a rodef??

Two possibilities: 

1] It is a punishment for the rodef.

2] It is in order to save the nirdaf.

The first way is problematic because we pasken that we don't execute a person who is running to serve an idol or to be mechalel Shabbos? If it is a punishment it should apply to other sins that warrant capital punishment! [So asked Rav Moshe ztz"l]

The second way is problematic because how can we kill one person in order to save another. מאי חזית?? 

The great Gaon whose sefarim are ignored but should not be [Hashem should give me the time, energy and means to spread his sweet Torah] - HaRav Gershon Chanoch Fishman ztz"l, avers that both possibilities combine to constitute the truth: