Tuesday, June 14, 2016


When my daughter became engaged a few months ago I was faced with seemingly impossible financial obstacles that I had to overcome in order to make it happen. I would have to work many many years full time with no expenses along the way in order to make it happen. That of course is impossible. I don't have to tell you that chinuch doesn't pay even the basic bills and getting through every month is a challenge for anyone who is not being supported by a father in law or the like [my father in law has been in the עולם שכולו טוב for many years so I am compelled to fend for myself]. Making a wedding [even a very inexpensive one] with the attendant expenses seemed beyond impossible.   

Everybody told me to have bitachon and nissim will happen. I had no option so I strengthened myself in bitachon. Robbing a bank was not an option although it did go through my head. 

Anyway - "everybody" was right. First I obtained a huge loan from a few good friends which allowed me some breathing room. Then money started coming in from the most UNEXPECTED PLACES! 

So, I am not yet in the clear and have many financial hurdles ahead of me [like getting through every month without going deeper into debt] but הודו לה' כי טוב I have seen SO MUCH of the chesed of Hashem and His children it is BEYOND BELIEF. Or better - it is with much belief that I see and appreciate yad Hashem. 

So I write this to encourage everyone to be מתחזק in their bitachon that eventually - everything in your lives will work out.

Just keep believing!!! The impossible happens. Not only to me - to you to! 

To quote a famous pitcher after winning the World Series - Ya gotta believe!!!