Sunday, June 19, 2016

Eitan Yehuda Ben Debbie

Sunday afternoon. Two weeks. Still hard to believe how different our lives were two weeks ago. Buy then it's also hard to believe how different our lives were three days ago.

Eitan goes through cycles of alertness. After a lot of hard work Thursday, he was pretty knocked out Friday. We did try a little bit of writing on a sort of whiteboard, but we were mostly unable to decipher his hieroglyphics. Some things have not changed... He was able to get us to understand a few sentences.

On shabbat morning, upon returning from shul, Eitan was sitting in a chair. Very tired and lethargic but sitting in a chair. And breathing completely on this own without any oxygen! In the afternoon the doctors fitted him with a small cap on the tracheotomy that allows him to speak and he was able to say a few words to us. He is still very disoriented and confused, but with a lot of effort on his part, he spoke to us.

Today he is again very knocked out. The fever is still an issue and that is probably contributing to his lethargy plus he's still got a pharmacy in his bloodstream.

As I write these updates, I realize that it's easy to forget, with all the great progress over the past few days, that there is still a lot of work ahead of us and especially Eitan. Please keep praying for him, and keeping him in mind. We have received quite a few miracles these past two weeks, but we need a few more.

Debbie and Hillel Solow