Wednesday, June 22, 2016

So Sad And Unfortunate


Another scandal. This man knows Shas by heart - no exaggeration. Read a line and he will tell you the next one and the previous one. Apparently, he knows EVERYTHING by heart. Tanach, Mishnayos and probably many other sfarim as well. He is a talented speaker [I actually heard him recently for a moment as I was walking by in a certain yeshiva]. Inspirational. Filled [it seems] with love of Torah.

Yet, he could have "chavrusas" with Bill Cosby. I don't know any sordid details of what he did but it was super disgusting and happened hundreds of times over the years [a wonder that it only came out now]. A Beis Din publicized to the world that he may have no more contact on any level with females. They are not even allowed to go to his website which apparently is pure Torah, so manipulative that he is.


1] Torah is not enough. One needs Yiras Shomayim as well. 

2] Don't trust people so quickly. There are a lot of corrupt people out there. Only trust a person who has proven himself trustworthy.

3] אין אפוטרופוס לעריות - When it comes to matters of sexual misconduct everyone is suspect on some level and nothing will stop a person from getting what his tyvos seek.

4] A tragedy: A family destroyed. His poor wife and children [something tells me that the shalom bayis wasn't so great all these years]. My kids were in school with his kids and they were the stars of the school. Brilliant kids who memorized all of Tanach [word for word], Shas Mishanyos and probably many masechtos as well. Man is not an island. One's misconduct affects others. They now will have to suffer for their father's evil. 

5] Rebbe Tzadok said that the last nisayon before Moshiach is arayos. How right he was. People should be learning from the tzadikim about this matter in order to get chizzuk. 

6] I don't think I ever mentioned this on the blog [.....:-)] but the Internet is REALLY bad for anyone who cares about kedusha. 

7] We need to daven with kavana every morning that Hashem shouldn't give us difficult nisyonos in this area [ואל תביאנו לידי ניסיון].   

8] The only way to combat chillul Hashem is by making a Kiddush Hashem. That is our task.