Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ready Or Not?

Is my daughter ready for marriage???

I mean, she is only 20. Her chosson is only 19. Is that old enough?

A question I grapple with. My answer:

I am not ready for marriage. It has been almost 22 years but certain parts of marriage I find overwhelming. Like having to support a whole family. Every since I turned down Goldman and Sachs' offer to be CFO [because I thought it was some kind of unidentified flying object and I am afraid of heights] I have done nothing more lucrative than learn a little gemara. 

Raising children - I have had some very formidable challenges and have made some mistakes. So I am not ready for fatherhood either.  

So when are we REALLY ready?? Maybe .... never. 

But we learn on the job, do our best and rely on Hashem to help lead the way. We also have role models and tzadikim to follow no matter what our age. 

My point - Get married young if possible and if at a sufficient level of maturity. 

Everything will be OKAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!