Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Gift Of Life

It's MY life.


That is the visceral feeling many of us have. When someone dies people are shocked. "His" life was taken.

This is a mistake. It is life that belongs to Hashem that was given to us as a gift. A huuuuuuge, unearned, undeserved gift. 

We actually say it every day - 3 times [4 if we forgot yaaleh vi-yavo...].

על חיינו המסורים בידיך - [Thank you Hashem] for our lives that are given over into your hands.

This morning I went to check up on my [almost] 2 year old Adina who was sleeping. She was breathing [THANK G-D!]. I was watching and marveling at her breathing. Then I thought "I could only watch my daughter get married [a different one - Adina'le is not quite ready] last week because he gave her MILLIONS of consecutive, uninterrupted breaths."

חסדי השם כי לא תמנו כי לא כלו רחמיו. 

[See Sifsei Chaim Middos page 113]