Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Public Displays Of Affection

I heard in the name of a Rosh Yeshiva in Rabbeinu Yitzchak Elchanan that if one's wife wants to hold hands in public, the husband should acquiesce because it is a fulfillment of the mitzva of Onah [sexual relations]. 

Since it is not Purim and the person who repeated this is not a funny guy - I have to assume that he was serious. 

So this Rav is saying that one should publicly fulfill his mitzva of Onah.


Anyway - I would much rather assume that the Rav never said this and was misquoted. Or he said it and but actually said that since it is a fulfillment of Onah it should NOT be done. But that is also a stretch. Onah is Onah. 

My own attitude is that all physical affection for a spouse should be reserved for private places. Your relationship with your spouse is not a Facebook page for the world to see.

Of course, my opinion is meaningless. Who am I? 

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Bozo the blogger!!

But the Rema in Shulchan Aruch writes this. 

Rabbi Henkin writes a teshuva [Bnei Bonim 4/12] where he tries to prove that it is permitted to hold hands from the fact that non-religious people do it and if it were an act that related to actual תשמיש then they wouldn't do it in public. It is odd to bring a proof from people who are often מנאפים and פרוצים בעריות [as pointed out in the sefer Asher Chanan 8/156]. 

So - love your wife, express both verbal and physical affection to your wife and most of all - give her lots of money and gifts, if you can. The secret to Shalom Bayit is that if you want shalom - buy it!

But keep the lovey-dovey stuff for behind closed doors.