Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Regarding The Previous Post.... "Mr. Mom"

Since I received an email to the effect that people might understand that I don't value cleaning for Pesach and that I don't value spending quality time with my children, I will clarify my position. 

I fully believe that everyone should help clean for Pesach as much as possible. I would help more but my wife has seen that I don't do a good job and feels that the house would be cleaner if I don't get involved. I wanted to appoint shlichim i.e. hire people to do it so that it would be easier for her [but as of yet she hasn't taken me up on my offer]. We have other children BARUCH HASHEM who are helping clean so she is not alone and I am still doing my little part.

I also believe that one should spend maximal quality time with one's children while thanking the Ribbono Shel Olam for such special miraculous gifts. I would be so happy if I would have 15 but thank Hashem for the 6 I have. A father should dress dolls, read bedtime stories, change diapers, prepare meals [I am an EXPERT at making peanut butter sandwiches] and do whatever will make the child happy. I actually enjoy it when my wife is out and I act as mother and father. One of the most exquisite pleasures of life is raising children. 

I bless us all with children and the opportunity to raise them in good health. 

I was just being facetious. It is permitted to laugh even during this pressured cleaning season

Clarification clarified.

My wife and son are going shopping now so I must attend to my babysitting duties......

Love and blessings!