Monday, April 3, 2017

The First Makka On Twitter

CNN-Alerts: Egyptian water turns to blood 

Jewish-Press: G-d sends first plague onto Egypt 

BBC-Alerts: Egyptian officials say there is no problem. 

Egypt-Ministry-of-Health: Temporary problem with the water supply 

Egypt-Opposition: Do not drink the water 

Muhammed-the-Egyptian: What the ..... [heck?] 

Jacob-the-Jew: What water problem?? 

Hamas-Guy: Tastes great, less filling 

Pharo-the-Great: Anyone see that Moses dude? 

Obama-Man: Give the negotiations a chance 

Hillary-Clinton: This directed assault is an insult to the United States and our ally Egypt 

EU-Council: We condem this aggressive act of violence 

The-Hague: We condem the Israelites for war crimes against the Egyptians. 

UN-Spokeman: Security Resolution 2 - Israelites condemed for inciting the Egyptians 

Dubai-Police: We have a video of 26 foreigners tampering with the water supply 

Joe's-Spring-Water: Get our Egyptian importer on the line 

Sarah Palin: They deserve it! Anyone see my shotgun ?