Thursday, June 9, 2016

Elokai Neshama When One Was Awake All Night

לזכות ר' יהודה יעקב בן דינה חאשע ורעייתו החשובה רחל לכל טוב סלה
לזכות אילנה סימון בת מרים ובעלה ר' משה הלוי לכל טוב סלה

There is a machlokes achronim if one says אלקי נשמה if he doesn't sleep. 

מו"ר הג"ר חיים מאיר הורוביץ שליט"א brings a shtark ra'ayah that one doesn't, based on 3 premises. 

1] The Yerushalmi [ברכות פ"א ה"ה] asks why we start the second bracha of kiddush with ברוך. Since it is סמוך to בורא פרי הגפן it should not start with ברוך just as any ברכה הסמוכה לחברתה doesn't start with ברוך. The Yerushalmi answers שניא שאם היה אוכל מבעוד יום ומשך סעודתו עד שיקדש היום אינו אומר בורא פרי הגפן. The Yerushalmi seems to be saying that since if one was already in the middle of a meal when Shabbos started he doesn't say בורא פרי הגפן but goes right into the second bracha - it is no longer considered סמוכה לחברתה. Meaning that whenever there are instances that a bracha will not be סמוך לחברתה it will always start with with ברוך. 

2] אלקי נשמה doesn't start with ברוך because it is סמוך to אשר יצר. 

3] If one was up all night he doesn't say אשר יצר in the morning [unless he relieves himself] - פמ"ג סי' ד' סק"ב.

If we put it all together then we have a huuuuge question. If we say אלקי נשמה even when we didn't sleep then it should start with ברוך because that would mean that there are times when it is not סמוך to אשר יצר [which is not said when we didn't sleep]. From the fact that it DOESN'T start with ברוך it must be that it is ALWAYS סמוך to אשר יצר [which is said whenever we sleep even if we don't have to relieve ourselves - מג"א וגר"א בסימן ד] which means that we only say it when we slept.


However, הגאון הנ"ל was mechadesh a new understanding of the Yerushalmi which would mean that it is no proof at all to our question.

The Yerushalmi understood in the הוה אמינא that בורא פרי הגפן is part and parcel of kiddush so the second bracha of kiddush should not start with ברכה because it is סמוכה לחברתה [i.e. בורא פרי הגפן]. This is actually the opinion of the חכם צבי בסי' קס"ח. 

The Yerushalmi concludes that בורא פרי הגפן is NOT part and parcel of kiddush [which is the opinion of the שו"ע הרב בסי' ער"ב בקו"א אות ב] as demonstrated by the fact that sometimes one omits בורא פרי הגפן [i.e. when one is in the middle of a meal when Shabbos enters]. Therefore it must start with ברוך because it is NOT סמוכה לחברתה. 

This of course has no bearing on our question of whether one says אלקי נשמה if he was awake all night.

Sof davar - whatever you do is fine and you have poskim to rely on whether you make the bracha or not.

ויש להאריך!!!