Friday, June 10, 2016

Torah For All Times

A huuuuge mazel tov to R' and Mrs. Kivi Naiman on their recent marriage. May they have shefa bracha in EVERYTHING!

A huuuge double mazel tov to Dr. and Mrs. Yonah Moshe Slomnicki on the birth of twin girls, Ariella Bracha and Shayna Rivka‏!! LIMITLESS NACHAS!!

A huuuuge mazel tov to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ross on the birth of their daughter Elka Yakira. May they have continued nachas from all of their children, good health and prosperity!!

This dvar Torah should be a HUUUUGE zchus for my most beloved, holy and modest friend R' Daniel Zweigbaum and his special wife Rebbetzin Shulamis and their children. May Hashem grant them and their family much good health, prosperity and many spiritual gifts for many years to come!

This dvar Torah is also dedicated to my dear beloved friend and lover of Torah R' Yehuda Yaakov Spindler and his special wife Rachel. May Hashem fulfill all of the wishes of their heart li-tova!

And to the great talmid chochom and tzadik HaRav HaGaon R' Daniel Eli ben Shlomit and his Rebbetzin and children. May he continue to shteig in good health for many years to come!!

The gemara famously teaches that before the Jews received the Torah Hashem held the mountain over their heads and said that if they want to accept the Torah then GREAT. If not - he will drop the mountain on their heads.


Tosfos famously ask - Why was this necessary? They already proclaimed נעשה ונשמע??

The "Polish Sochochver" answer is that we need to accept the Torah in two different states of mind. 

We need to accept the Torah out of love, excitement, enthusiasm and joy. NAASEH VI-NISHMA!!

But we also need to accept the Torah for those situations in life when we are just "not feeling it". When we are down, when things are rough. That is why Hashem held the mountain over our heads, as if to say "Even when times are rough and you are in distress, you still must keep the Torah".

The secret is that keeping to our principles even when the going gets tough enables us to have the intestinal fortitude to overcome life's challenges.

May we all have a delicious, sweet and joyous Shabbos and Shavuos!!! Wishing every body only good and pleasant things always!

Bi-ahava rabba,