Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Update On Eitan Yehuda Ben Debbie

 Yesterday's test results were something of a mixed bag. The bleeding around the brain seems to be under control which is great and reduces the risk of further brain injury. Eitan seems to have an infection in his lungs which explains the fever yesterday. The doctors switched antibiotics and this morning Eitan's fever seems to be under control.

The scan results also highlighted that we need to keep in mind that Eitan took a truly devastating blow to his head, and that the fact that we are where we are at this point is nothing short of a miracle. At the same time they also highlight that we need to understand that Eitan's road to recovery may take time (which have) and patience (which we don't).

Eitan does remain sedated and on the respirator as of this morning, and is still in the hands of the fantastic staff in the ICU of Hadassah Ein Karem.

Please continue and strengthen your Tehillim for