Saturday, January 14, 2017

Being Real

Since I spent countless hours listening to shiurim from Rav Moshe, there is a lot I want to say. 

One point that we can learn from: Many people, even some Rabbonim at times, are putting on a show when they are in public. They want to impress the crowd but it is not the real them.

Rav Moshe was ZERO showmanship, ZERO theatrics. He was 100 percent being mekadesh shem shomayim and spreading His Torah. I didn't see the trace of an ego. He did believe that what he was saying was true and wasn't too shy to take strong positions on various issues, but it wasn't about self-aggrandizement. It came from a pure desire to seek and spread truth. 

When I think of how much "fakeness" I see out there it makes me even more sad that he is gone.

An irony: He LOATHED the media, even the "Charedi" media because he saw a lot of fake, falsehood, and many other faults. The week he was niftar, just about every Charedi newspaper and magazine had him on the cover with pictures and stories. He is watching from up there and NOT happy about it. The only time I every heard him speak directly to an individual at a shiur was when someone photographed him. He stopped what he was saying and [if I remember correctly] asked him to leave. Once someone photographed him and he said "What am I, a view? A tree?"

A Charedi magazine wanted to feature him as their main story for their Pesach edition. He completely forbade them. 

Contrast him with how many public figures LIVE to get their picture in the paper. Whenever they do anything of note, they call the media in to interview them and take their picture. He completely shunned any publicity. 

זכותו יגן עלינו.