Sunday, January 15, 2017

Torn - Continued

The point of the previous post was [and I am sure that everyone got it] - How can I pamper myself and enjoy unnecessary luxury and splendor when my OWN BROTHERS AND SISTERS are suffering terribly and the same money spent for my golf and tennis could be used to lessen their suffering. 

Maybe I am wrong. I am a nothing. 

תולעת ולא איש.

חרפת אדם ובזוי עם. 

אסקופה הנדרסת. 

חדל אישים. 

So PLEASE ask a great person and if he gives a different answer then please tell me. In the meantime I sleep better knowing that one person's suffering bothers another person enough that he does something about it.   

Then, once we have the heter not to give - the question is if it is appropriate for spiritually minded people, זרע אברהם יצחק יעקב שרה רבקה רחל ולאה, to be going to these places even for free. 

They say in the name of a great tzadik that the job of a Rov is to make the comfortable people less comfortable and the less comfortable people more comfortable. 




Or this

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Or maybe all three??