Sunday, January 15, 2017


I just went to Arutz Sheva to put on some nice music to accompany me and lift my spirits as I work at the computer. Then I saw an ad for cruises to the most EXOTIC places. The Baltic Sea, Alaska - where not!! And so many options for Pesach getaways. Wow!!

But then I saw a picture of a sad looking man and his children. It says that his wife got the flu and a month later she was gone - leaving a bereaved husband and ten orphans who are destitute.

So now I don't know what to do with the extra 25K that I [don't] have. Should I use it to save this poor family or to go on a luxurious cruise with my wife and leave my children with a nice Phillipino lady who faithfully goes to church every Sunday. 

Or maybe Pesach for the family in a five star hotel in New Dehli?? Glatt kosher. All you can eat and some more that there is no room for. Shwekey. Lipa. Mentalists. 36 hole golf courses. AND a daf yomi shiur [I don't learn daf yomi and frankly I don't learn much at all but I would think about starting if it means that I can go to this great hotel]. Or maybe another FANTASTIC Chag in the heilige Puerto Rico??!  

So HARD to decide. 

What do you think??